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This song is by Holly Golightly.

Are you to be trusted
With these four state secrets
A hotel in your name
It's downtown
In L.A.

Come downtown
And see me. I won't lie,
I won't leave'
Pool's too cold for swimming
There are three other things

I walk through
The lobby
My glasses will hide me
A hotel in your name
The desk clerk
Gives me a key

It's plastic
And it is square
You can throw it out
Almost anywhere
Baby what am I doing here
Room 23, that's where you appear

Room in your name
Well there's a room
In your name
The sheets get changed
When there's a room
In your name

He says girl
Come over here
And sit next to me dear
The city is a witness
To what's going to happen next
Oh baby here's my bag of tricks
I thought theses were secrets
Baby what I am I doing here
Going to go away
Going to disappear

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