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This song is by Holly Dunn.

Maybe, is a word that hangs between us
It's the thing to say when all else has failed
Maybe we failed, maybe
Maybe, but I can't bare say it's over
Till the love we found is hopelessly lost
Maybe I could, maybe not.

Our lives might have come unwound
But have we've come so far
That we can't turn the hurt around
Our hearts still remain the same
Oh, first to wonder why
Oh, ask to make a change.

But maybe
Maybe, if we hold on to tomorrow
Just hold on, just hold on
Then we just might find a feeling again
Not let it end.

Maybe, it's a word that hangs between us
Maybe, time would help the wondering to stop
Maybe we will know, maybe not
Maybe, maybe.


Written by:

Christoph Schoenefeldt; Alexander Kossmann; Benjamin Kossmann; Dirk Alstein; Stephan Michme; Thomas Michme; Mario Swigulski

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