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Holly Dunn (1986)Edit

Holly Dunn - Holly Dunn

Holly Dunn

  1. Two Too Many
  2. Your Memory ((Won't Let Go Of Me)
  3. Burnin' Wheel
  4. The Sweetest Love I Never Knew
  5. It'll Be All Right
  6. Daddy's Hands
  7. My Heart Holds On
  8. That's A Real Good Way To Get Yourself Loved
  9. Hideaway Heart
  10. Someone Carried You

Cornerstone (1987)Edit

Holly Dunn - Cornerstone


  1. Cornerstone
  2. Small Towns (Are Smaller For Girls)
  3. Strangers Again
  4. Only When I Love
  5. Fewer Threads Than These
  6. Love Someone Like Me
  7. Lover's Cross
  8. Why Wyoming
  9. Wrap Me Up
  10. Little Frame House

Across The Rio Grande (1988)Edit

Holly Dunn - Across The Rio Grande

Across The Rio Grande

  1. City Limit
  2. The Stronger The Tie
  3. Just Across The Rio Grande
  4. Have A Heart
  5. If Nobody Knew My Name
  6. That's What Your Love Does To Me
  7. It's Always Gonna Be
  8. Lonesome Highway
  9. Travelin' Prayer
  10. On The Wings Of An Angel

The Blue Rose Of Texas (1989)Edit

Holly Dunn - The Blue Rose Of Texas

The Blue Rose Of Texas

  1. Are You Gonna Love Me
  2. ou're Still Keeping Me Up At Night
  3. Most Of All, Why
  4. Thunder And Lightnin'
  5. No One Takes The Train Anymore
  6. The Blue Rose Of Texas
  7. Sometime Today
  8. There Goes My Heart Again
  9. If I'd Never Loved You
  10. There's No Heart So Strong

Heart Full Of Love (1990)Edit

Holly Dunn - Heart Full Of Love

Heart Full Of Love

  1. Heart Full Of Love
  2. Don't Worry
  3. Temporary Loss Of Memory
  4. The Light In The Window Went Out
  5. Home
  6. My Anniversary For Being A Fool
  7. You Really Had Me Going
  8. My Old Love In New Mexico
  9. When No Place Is Home
  10. Broken Heartland

Daddy's Hands (1991)Edit

Holly Dunn - Daddy's Hands

Daddy's Hands

  1. Love Someone Like Me
  2. Only When I Love
  3. That's What Your Love Does To Me
  4. Are You Ever Gonna Love Me
  5. There Goes My Heart Again
  6. You Really Had Me Going
  7. Daddy's Hands
  8. Strangers Again
  9. (It's Always Gonna Be) Someday
  10. 'Heart Full Of Love

Getting It Dunn (1992)Edit

Holly Dunn - Getting It Dunn

Getting It Dunn

  1. No Love Have I
  2. If Your Heart Can't Do The Talking
  3. Golden Years
  4. You Say You Will
  5. I Laughed Until I Cried
  6. As Long As You Belong To Me
  7. Let Go
  8. I've Heard It All
  9. Half A Million Teardrops
  10. You Can Have Him
  11. A Simple I Love You

Other SongsEdit

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  1. 1001 Ways
  2. Cowboys Are My Weakness
  3. Don't Break The Wings
  4. For Your Love
  5. I Am Who I Am
  6. I'd Know That Heartache Anywhere
  7. I'm Not Through Loving You Yet
  8. ID Know That Heartache Anywhere
  9. It's Not About Blame
  10. Leave One Bridge Standing
  11. Life's Railway To Heaven
  12. Love Across The Line
  13. Loving Every Minute
  14. Maybe I Mean Yes
  15. Maybe
  16. Most Of All Why
  17. Rock-A-Billy
  18. Talking Goodbye
  19. That Never Stopped Me
  20. We've Got The Love
  21. What Kind Of Love
  22. Whatshisname
  23. Wonder Of Love
  24. You Just Don't Know It Yet

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