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​Twenty-Four Roses

This song is by Holly Drive.

I drug this from state to state
Bleeding from Florida and back
We drive to escape our lives
While pieces of you are still with me
Vanilla spots and bloodstain on my back seat
Are all traces of you and what we made together
Deadweight we drug lead to my love to hate you
So take me by surprise with your Hawaiian eyes
Passion is your fashion, In case I die
I never meant to stay till July
I never meant to say ide try
I brought this on myself (2x)
At the top of this hill
We can see the lights spill out
It's the best view for the end of the world
So in case we die
All we got left is a kiss on the cheek
It's my only weak spot (5x)
If I brought this on myself
Then why am I in front of your house