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Only Boy

This song is by Holly Beth Vincent and appears on the album Holly & The Italians (1982).

Maybe it's because
He's not the kind of guy who likes
To run around
Or maybe it's because
He stands beside me he's not one
To put me down
Or maybe it's the way
He praise me and scold me
I don't know just why
He loves me but he told me

I know
Here he comes again
You can have all your heartbreak
This one's mine mine mine
Though he makes mistakes
I forgot all about 'em 'cause
He's my only boy

Hanging round the town
It may seem to you like any other day
You can take a walk
Amd you can talk, but I'm in a special way, hey
Try to understand your misery and sorrow
But you don't realize just what
Could come tomorrow

Take a look around
It may do you good to think of someone else
On and on you go
Sometimes this and that
But usually it's yourself
You say you wanna flirt
But the guys ignore you
Well somewhere sometime soon
There'll be someone for you

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