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This song is by Holly Beth Vincent and appears on the album Holly & The Italians (1982).

I close my eyes I start to slide
Somewhere I think too far
To hide my fear, I draw you near
Don't want to close my eyes, eyes

And now things glow, the Christmas snow
Some water in a glass
My cigarettes the day we met,
I hope this does not last, last

And the sun is shining bright today
I don't think I can look
The TV, on my memory gone
The last thing that I took

Dangerously, I'll always want too
Dangerously, I'll always want too

The phone it rings. Will nothing bring
Me any piece of mind
I cast you out
You caught me first
(It was a real find)

And I answer now so cautiously, when
Anyone's to call
I smile to say it's all okay
And hide a blemished wall

Just like a wild one tamed,
Somebody calls my name
And I look,
Today I start to go,
Into a place they know as madness

Another blow, affection grows
Upon a weary face.
I'll take you in, I'll let you win
In this unholy place

I'll always want too
I'll always want too


Written by:

Holly Beth Vincent