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Senses Roam

This song is by Hollow Haze and appears on the album The Hanged Man (2008).

Tonight I feel the void again
My chamber lost in shade
Black wind's stealing my mind

Tonight I want to see your eyes again
I want to show your all my pain
And I'll lose my only hope

Time! I'm waling around my fate
I want to show you all my pain
And I'll lost my only hope

Run away, run away
Let me show you where I lost my fate
Now I killed my only hope

Shines over the gloom
I'm feeling my senses roam
Shine over the gloom
And I"m feeling my senses roam

Here I am, I walk alone, hearing calls again
Here I am, waiting for
Another sign of hope (God)

Running out from my dejection
And i"m ready for the reaction
Of my enemy lurking in the void
Time! Now it's the time to kill the bad flame
I wanna leave all of my pain
And embrace again my hope

Walking on the shadow of my life
Looking for a sign of really hope
A black wind's talking to me
And I'm feeling my senses roam

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