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Rain of Fire Lights

This song is by Hollow Haze and appears on the album Memories of an Ancient Time (2015).

Ancient fire lights
A vision I had in my dreams
They're leading my way

Giants rise to reign
Over all those lives all the time
How could I go back to life

Taking lives
Fight through the lights
That's not a rainbow
Walking from past ages
To reign over you

(They're) Taking lives
Through the light
Darkness is overall
Just to enslave you

Just like a rain of fire lights
Egypt aliens coming
Reign of the giants age will rise...
Inside your head

Nights of fire
Praying to live and survive
No, you can't escape

Blind steel cities
Are seeing through your mind
Why can't loose our life and ambition

In this crazy new world
There is something too wrong
And I'm ready to solve the matter

I'm against the law
I'm against the lords
I'm ready to fight and come ti the light

Why can I not just be a slave...
Without identity

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