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This song is by Hollow Haze and appears on the album Memories Of An Ancient Time (2015).

Dark lord from alien's planet
You are controlling the earth
You took the day and the nightmare
The evil is looking at you

I knew the evil through you will
I saw the pain through the tears
Strength and slavery are the keys
Your mind is mine

The time is gone but I am here
My mission's fighting with you now
You destroyed my brother's pride
Their love and souls

Violence and suffering are your ways
You don't know and you don't fear
Start to count your dying days
And I'm running to you

Can you hear me? I'm screaming
Your head is close to the fall
You're watching me through your eyes
And you should see what I did

I can feel your dark soul
And your intention is bad
All wars are associated with you
The world is waiting to end

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