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This song is by Hollow Haze and appears on the album The Hanged Man (2008).

My name is dark and I'm living deep inside
Where too much light hurts and becomes blind
I show you the way, come here to stay
Heaven is waiting for you
Where you can be everything you want deciding who must
Life up or down

To die, to sleep, perchance to dream
Come back or

Burn like a thousand shining stars
Reaching lights that are so far
When you're loved and you've lost someone
It's time to burn

I'm crawling inside trying to wrap your mind
Pressing one by one your magic keys
Let me go on, you lose control
Won't you break the rules?
Still going strong, here I belong
Walking in circles, touch me
Waiting for you

Slave to this soul of a liar
Victim to this spending time
I see me as a flyer
Carry the world on my shoulders
Call me a liar and liar
Let me show what I know
Got lost in the fire

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