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Burnt Desire

This song is by Hollow Haze and appears on the album The Hanged Man (2008).

Rising on the flame of the unreal
Escape from darkened desires
Searing the face, striking the wish of my heart
... Rebel, I'm guilty to fly

I've tried to follow the road, sinkin' in the sin
Falling in a hole of endless
The fire burns all my thoughts, bringin' the pain
No one will give a time that's gone

Among the world that fade away
I've felt the music that will live someday
Locked in my burnt desire
Closed in my crying soul

Coming out... I'm the phantom of dreams
Dragged in the line of my fire
Too many shades are destroying my mind
... Phantom, I'm screaming alone

Time will leave your hope on your way
Leaving your memories closed in the pain
Life leaves you alone come here to say
Is it burning your soul?

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