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This song is by Hole.

You're like a lollie, Can't hold you back
I need to treat myself, So cute me some slack
Oh please, You can't take my inner peace
Oh yeah, Is there anything you can spare?
I need your lovin', So keep on coming
Towards me, Hold me, Don't ever let me go

I love you so much it hurts,My heart it bleeds
So i pleed, Never leave me
ooo, alone, Romio
yeah, never forget, I'm your Juliet
You're the one for me, I'm the one for you
It's so true

*I love you, I can't leave you
ooo, yeah, I'll never leave you
Let me taste that sweet candy
ooo, sweet, sweet candy, yeah
Come run with me [run with me]
Take me away to a different world
Where we can say, oh, anything
i'll sing to you [to you], i love you
yeah, i love you*

This world never lets you down, A bit like you, you're always around
Always there, for me, We're meant to be
You always care, Never let me down, oh

I love you so much it hurts, my heart it bleeds
So i pleed, Never leave me alone, ooo alone
Romio, ooo, never forget, I'm your Juliet, yeah, your Juliet


Oh whoa yeah, you're like a lollie, can't hold you back
I need to treat myself

I need your lovin', so keep on coming
Towards me, hold me
Don't ever let me go, No!
Never leave me, ooo alone, Romio
Ooo never forget, i'm your Juliet
Yeah, your Juliet

by Jacqui Thomson --- 2003

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