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​Heard It All Before

This song is by Holding On and appears on the album Just Another Day (2001).

Why can't you fucking see that nothing new is said
It's the same old speech again
No matter what I fucking do, I fail in the end
Looking down on me because of how you think I'm supposed to fucking be
I wish I could make your proud, but I'm just disappointing
Why can't you fucking see how much this means to me? I'm not wasting my time or my life
Who are you to say that I am? Keep telling yourself that this is just a phase
But your pressure and your shame won't make me change
(No I won't fucking change.) I have no plans to fucking change
You'll never fucking get it
Don't try to understand
I don't care if you trust me
I'm taking a fucking stand
I'm living for myself whether you come around (You come around) or not