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​35 Minute Rule

This song is by Holding On and appears on the album Just Another Day (2001).

And now the story begins
Another weak kid doesn't know his limits
Common sense takes a backseat to greed
But now he's fucking sinking
What the fuck was he thinking? Chalk it up as learning the hard way
He's dug his own grave
That's where he'll fucking lay
It grows deeper and deeper every fucking day
He sure fucked up this time
That he'll admit
Now he has to take responsibility
Fucking deal with it
But he can't see a way out
So he kicks and claws and fights
Panic sets in
When you're buried, you can't see daylight
Every fucking day
Every fucking day
He wishes he could try again
Things wouldn't be all fucked up
He'd make the right decisions
So where does the story end? Does he fucking live? Will he breathe again? Or does he fucking drown? He's good as dead
So long
He's good as dead