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Better Side

This song is by Holding Caulfield.

Consider this side, a better side of me
Remember this face, to face all I can see
Consider you my love, my only greater side
Any other half of me, finds a dormant place to hide

The walls are closing in with pictures on the wall
Things that are simple watch the complex things fall
Mirror mirror in my mind who's the better half of all?
Everybody should learn to walk before they have to crawl

You never walked away from me
You never stopped talking to me
You never gave up on me
You never walked away from me

Consider this my love, forgiveness to everything
Remember my better side, the only half worth seeing
Consider everything, people considerate to me
Any other better side, is the greater side to see

My better side (and you would talk away, talk away from my better side)
My better side (and you would walk away and talk away from me)
My better side (and you would give me up and give me up)
You're my better side...

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