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A Song For A Dream

This song is by Holding Caulfield.

Awaking in mourning
Favourable outcome keeps me high
Like a German Lullaby
Only your touch can get me through
Breaks down the hope that's in my mind

Tomorrow will always come
With a smile to greet me at the door
Her smile meets me there
Half way down the road to somewhere

Talk of our mistakes
Sound of our sickness makes me cry
Brings down the hope that's in my mind
Forever haunted by your face
Makes me want to wilt and die

*You're running, you're running
You're running out that door
To the place we were before

I'm dying, I'm dying
I'm dying to touch you there
If only you seemed to care

So why must we still pretend?
Our fallacies our only sins

* Album lyrics:
Sometimes I feel like I've already lost
Then you turn me around again
And when it seems like the day is lost
Then you kick me around again

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