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​Passion For Gambling

This song is by Hold X True and appears on the EP Invincible (2004).

Staring into space, lost in broken dreams
A familiar voice grabs you out of these thoughts
A sonorous voice, yes it was a coin
You'd force yourself, to stay where you're at
Starting to sweat with quickening heartbeats
And your last friend - the one-armed bandit - calls you again
No, it leads to nowhere
But what to do with a trembling hand?
Just shrug and play again
Passion for gambling. But can you afford it? Revalue your life once in a month
A sobering moment, Your salary last for 2 hours
Then comes swearing time, I won't cross this line
First you went there to have fun
It ended up in losing huge sums
Can call you fanatic, can call you sick
You need a break? Why don't take it?
Is it too hard to stop playing?
You're in the red and full of debts
You sold TV, you sold your car
Take your last chance, get back to life