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​No Human Values

This song is by Hold X True and appears on the EP Invincible (2004).

I held it back, held all my despise back! You try to attract my attention
Make me feel so shocked
Not the way you imagined
I don't care about your bloody shots
It's you who makes me pissed off with your selfish goals
Watching the tragedy, ignoring the pain, Your camera is on, but I can't call you brave
You're there in the name of informing
But we know that you're a fake
Nothing more behind your stories
Just the power, money and fame
Take your fuckin' prizes and get to a new place
Still so much ahead of you
More hunger, mass graves
You're a burnout - You never feel ashamed
You're a burnout - I would spit in your face
You're a burnout - Who's gonna give you a hand? You're a burnout - Chashing sensation again
You're a burnout - I can't get used to your kind
You're a burnout - I won't stand by your side