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Without It

This song is by Holcombe Waller.

This world is gonna fuck me up

I gotta get out of the rain

Thinking I could slit my wrists

Over and over again

Quacking like a fucked up duck

The doctor she knows I'm insane

I'm sliding back a slippery slug

Trickling from muddy brain

Then maybe

You gotta be crazy

Won't you swing down on your rope

Scoop me up and show me hope

And drop me a sunblind and elope

Without it

Oh great, so now I'm blind as shit

Stumbling 'round in the rain

And no one's there to tell you off

Over and over again

A moment with the strangest grace

To make you believe you belong

To flicker like a far-off star

Twinkling, there then gone

A favour

You goddamn saviour

Won't you swing down on your rope

Get me cracked out on your dope

And drop me fucked up and elope

Without it

Give me one more blooming rest

One more tasting, one more test

One more night sleep, laid to rest

Without it

Something's happening to me

Something I cannot see

Something swells around me

Something I cannot breathe

You've (...) it all on your own

And it was (...) as you go home

But you've gotta make it there alone

Without it

You may think the world is shit

But you know it's always been shit

You've got nothing to do with it

Or without it

Do you doubt it?

Give me one more burning sky

One more failure, one more try

One more dream so I can die

Without it

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