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No Enemy

This song is by Holcombe Waller.

Condoleezz, baby please

Don't turn off your radio now

This song like you

Has weathered through

The wave of powers that will keep it down

You must take action, you must not wait

You must reverse your stance and seal your fate

To mend the broken right-wing of the state

When the terror reached our shore

With no war and nothing to kill for

You saw the enemy coming

But there is no enemy, Condoleezz

It's been your plan that every man

Erased the shackles of his history

But no surprise, that in your eyes

The wealthy oil-men escaped blame-free

You're on the inside, the rich man's court

You've got the goods on, then you must report

And expose their collusion, corruption and lies

Lies of every sort

Oh Condee, do you lie alone each night?

Put down the gun, girl, fight the good fight

There is no enemy coming

But you're making enemies, Condoleezz

Can we live in peace again?

It all comes down to faith in the end

Show us what you believe, Condoleezz

Baby, please

We're on our knees


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