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Little Wrecking Ball

This song is by Holcombe Waller.

Our little baby's going to be a star

They will come to share his magic near and far

And I'm so proud to say (..)

He wouldn't burn without his family and friends

You little wrecking ball

Go on, the world is hers to fall

And don't forget us when you are a star

You burn right up without the cooling of our hearts

You never call, you say you have no time

So much attention, I suppose you don't need mine

You little wrecking ball

You've left your home, your friends, your family and all

Ooh, just a baby in my arms

Where did you come from?

Is it where you are now?

I see your face and it is not your own

I was at the market when the headlines stopped my soul

Your heaven calmed me with its cooling breath

Ten thousand people came to mourn the idol's death

And we don't understand

How God can be born of a man

You little wrecking ball

Give me strength to bear my own fall

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