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​Bike Ride

This song is by Hogwash and appears on the album Half Untruths (2006).

A bike ride in darkness
Not afraid to move on and choosing to see
Winter means you'll button my coat for me.

The embrace, the kiss and the promise in your smile
Are warm enough to shelter me from a weak
Wind telling jokes that make me smile for weeks.

It is "very you" the way you carved our names

The past night I was back
And reading through the lines I tried to see
The day you painted our world red, sitting on my knees.

I should steal back my love to forget about mortality,
And lose my way back home
Without telling anyone that I feel...

...That is "very you" the way you carved our names
And keeps my heart true
'Cause you smiled a smile that warms for miles
Passed through a wind that roars