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​Voldemort's Lament

This song is by Hogwarts Trainwreck.

I grew up in an orphanage
Never knew my mother or my heritage
Then they brought me to this school
Said that I could stay if I followed the rules
But there's one thing they didn't know
I had powers that were starting to grow
And I knew if I bid my time
Vengence would be mine

I'll make everybody pay
It's their fault that I'm this way
All alone in a world so cruel
I'll use my hatred like a tool

All along there was just one man
One alone who could understand
The pain that I had locked inside
I'd be different if he'd tried
But it's too late; that time has past
The morter's set, the die is cast
Now an army follows me
Who only sees what I let them see

Shall muggles burn and muggles die
Let their ashes fill the sky
A wizards' word is a wizards' bond
And I say they've been here to long