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Peter Pettigrew

This song is by Hogwarts Trainwreck and appears on the album Hogwarts Trainwreck (2007).

Painfully pathetic Peter Pettigrew
Looked like a shoe brush and smelled like it too
A rat Animagus, but nobody knew
'Cause he did everything like a rat would do

It wouldn't be bad for only a day
Then the weeks and the months and the years tick away
Wormtail wiggled like a worm will do
A committed devotee of You Know Who

Marking off time staying out of Azkaban
Only left a pinky as a piece of a plan
The fink framed a friend in a fiendish scam
So Sirius paid for his deads as a man

A hand-me down rodent for the Weaselys
From Percy down to Ron, nobody could see
They thought he was part of the family
But Scabbers was a rat with a bad history

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