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Hormones Hit Hogwarts

This song is by Hogwarts Trainwreck and appears on the album Hogwarts Trainwreck (2007).

I wonder who's snogging Ginny, that girl just can't get her fill
Ron can't seem to get any and wonders if he ever will
Every time Diggory's mentioned, Cho breaks into a flood
The year that hormones hit Hogwarts, it hit with a sickening thud

Suddenly Harry gets jealous when he sees Ginny with Dean
He thinks of her every morning and night
And most of the time in between
Now Ron is wrestling Lavender; he's got her in a lip-lock
But snogging's progressive; she's gotten possessive
Now hiding is all that he's got

Meanwhile Hermione is watching and carefully hatching a plot
To use jealousy so eventually she is the one that Ron's got

The year that hormones hit Hogwarts, even the teachers weren't safe
Hagrid was smitten; the love bug had bitten; Cupid shot him in the face
The veela's Headmistress was massive,
Which of course Hagrid saw as a plus
Now neither of them could be either of them, and so the two became us

Hormones are potent and plentiful, contagious and easily caught
Even the name is nowhere near tame
When you get it you know what you've got
The year they descended on Hogwarts, they hit with a sickening thud
Scary to Harry, who found it contrary
And nearly as crystalline as mud

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