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This song is by Hogjaw.

J. Kowalski/ JB Jones

Copyright 2008 Swampjawbeamusic LLC

Eased in to the liquor store
Beer and ice in my 4x4
Drove down by the riverside
Let some friends know I'm alive

Now I keep on rollin'
The junga in my mind
Ripin' tread on the desert lands
It's my joy and pride

And here I go
To whiskey row
Got Nothin' to show
At whiskey row
And we all go
To whiskey row
Everybody knows
Bout whiskey row

I'm goin' on my way
To the Promised Land
Cat lines and party chicks
C'mon baby take my hand

Now I keep on rollin'
With Junga in my mind
Going northbound 65
I feel so alive

I done been everywhere
And burned up all my time
Ain't no better that what I see?
Whiskey bottles and girls so fine

I'm always rollin'
The junga by my side
If heaven were a place I could be
Well I must have died