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​El Camino

This song is by Hogjaw.

JB Jones

Copyright 2008 Swampjawbeamusic LLC

White knuckles clutchin' a factory steering wheel
Adrenaline and road are all I feel
Love that speed, they just don't understand
Some say dangers done got me by the hand

Outside my window, the hood of a ford
He wants his name on my dashboard
That long leg girl gonna drop her hat
And when she does, you never look back

Blood and sweat in this ride
All my money and my pride
Side by side quarter mile run
9 grand strong or the motor's done
Counties finest on the hunt for me
Send my name to the DMV
Tires keep ahold of that road
Hammer down, Elcamino

Winds a rushing over the cab
Eyes on the road and tach
Engine noise tells me that we're fine
Ease that throttle right to redline