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​Before Monday Come

This song is by Hogjaw.

Before Monday Come
Jb Jones

Copyright 2008 Swampjawbeamusic LLC

Closed the trunk on 4 days worth a my best travellin gear
It's a long way back to Carolina and times growin' near
Me and Jr and a sick day, got a mission to rescue
A fine old piece of Detroit steel made in 1972

Long bed chevy ¾ ton
Got to make the run
Before Monday Come

3 days in, 2 angry men, 1 great big ass problem
Damn old woman sold that truck to some landscape Mexicans
Didn't come this far to be outdone and I gave her a piece of mind
Until that policeman would say "lets take a little ride"

Sittin' here in the county jail
Please someone come and go my bail
Before Monday Come

(Lead break)

I been around and seen some things, at times in my life
But not this county drunk tank on no Saturday night
Judge will see us Monday and we'll stand before that man
But I got to punch in early or I'll get myself canned

Hear me now, don't let me down, you got to get me home
But the call was late and I heard my boss fore' she hung that telephone

Boss man sleepin' with my wife
Fired my ass and stole my life
Before Monday Come