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​4 lo

This song is by Hogjaw.

4 lo
Jb jones

Copyright 2008 swampjawbeamusic LLC

Last 27 dollars in my hand
Gas and beer wins the payment plan
Sun's settin low in the western sky
Mudders sing a song as I get high
Meetin the boys at the old mud hole
Bangin' gears in the dirt's the way we roll
No hill to steep or trail too long
Stayin at home just seems wrong

Lock it in 4 low roll on out
Ain't nothin' gonna hold you down
My truck and trails what I'm about
Keep them wheels a spinnin a round'
City life is just ain't for me
Another weekend gonna set me free
I pay my bills just in time
While Parts and booze take my last dime

Detroit lockers in the front and rear
4 speed tranny and 5.80 gears
Motors revin' up as the beer goes down
Left them import kids in town
Take a desert trail to the end of the road
Got my 12 gauge shotgun and a fishin' pole
There's still some a us who understand
And Shift that lever with dirty hands