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Sun Rays

This song is by Hoelderlin and appears on the album Rare Birds (1977).

Rain is in my brain
Ice is on my brow
Strong winds above me
Waters surge below
Dark's the night, no sound around
And leaves begin to scatter
Drums will keep me company
'Til the daylight hits the ground

Sand is m my hand
Snow is on my head
Twisted branches cut me
Sometimes I feel so sad
I've got to leave my old disguises
Cut off all my ties
I'm going where the lights shine bright
I'm tired of all my lies

And I am thinking who I am
'Cause so many things have passed
Will I be the same forever
Or will there be a change?
I think I'm gonna make it
Gonna make it by myself

Now the world is spread before me
The air is getting warm
Sea wind blows and flowers grow
Wanna feel you in my arms
And here it comes, that good old feeling
Soft touch summer breeze
Early birds and spinning leaves
I'm so glad to see the sun

And I am thinking who I am
'Cause so many things have passed
Won't be the same forever
See my future clearly now
Just no one gonna make it
I'm gonna make it myself

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