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This song is by Hoelderlin and appears on the album Hoelderlin (1975).

There once lived a man, sly as a fox
Who finally made up his mind
To settle down in the woods
To live in peace and happiness
Far off the mean world
And to get over all disillusions

So year after year strolled about
Day by day in his quiet wood
Gathering honey in his jar
Just like a busy little bee
He carried it home and fixed the jar
Right above his rocking chair
Without ever daring to taste it

Then one day, as the jar was almost filled
The thought came up to him that, hanging way up high
He might hold a good fortune, and if he stay industrious
He sure could take a dear neat wife in days that could come soon
And maybe it would be enough for bringing up a little son
He gladly hoped his wife could bear to him
He would raise the son to be a noble gentleman
So that the world might look at him and cry in admiration

Rejoicing loud, he rocked in his chair, quite mad with joy
Reflecting the outlooks and good chances ahead
To and fro, higher and higher
And suddenly he tumbled headlong through the air
And happened to hit the honeypot
The jar came down and the precious gold was pouring
And now up, coming quick
So that he was forced to swim for his very life
And we tend to believe that this way
Is not the one that leads to happiness

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