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This song is by Hoelderlin and appears on the album Clowns & Clouds (1976).

Coloured walls, they promise us a world of magic, filled with delights
"The greatest show on earth"

"Presents for you, thrills on the high wire, music, laughter
Acts of daring tonight in the big top"

Nightmares and foolish apes dressed up like whores
Throw with a smile coloured rain in your eyes

Clowns are tumbling in the sand
Lions risk their lives in the tamer's mouth

Strong man, fighting up so high
Balancing on the wire leading to illusions

And Bernie the bear is dancing around
Tells very shy the story of Mr. High
And Herta the horse like a hell driver's girl
Is losing her live every night

And when the show comes to its end
Clowns, animals and acrobats
Clasp each other happily in their arms

They slip off their costumes and masks
And Steve the elephant kisses Petra the zebra on her neck
And caresses her, and caresses her...

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