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Whistler Master '02

This song is by Hockey Night.

We are here now
To defend our answers, yeah
To never question our chances, right
A way it's never been
Ah, they're coming around I told ya
Come on, come on
Tell me it's over
Because then we change our lives
And then we start again
We just need to start again

(Yeah, that sound, they're comin' around...)

We are
We don't care
We're lost and constantly waitin'
We're scared of lives that keep changin'
Now, how you think that's gonna end?
So now they're getting defensive
And for what?
Their lives are tied and connected
Their jealous hearts are protected
It's all about to end
You'll never feel anything again

(Yeah that sound, they're comin' around...)

There's gonna come a day
When your life is gonna be okay
You're gonna find a way
And all we have is sight
All comin' around tonight
You're gonna be all right
You're gonna feel all right

We are strong
We look defeated and tired
We're scared of what is required
Oh no, you've seen it coming for years
So now the city is dying
And for what?
Because the future is violent
And it's tough 'cause they believe what they hear
Yeah right, we're so in love with our tears
It's a sum of our collected fears

On the wind that night
I feel it come alive
We don't have much time
Now, we gotta let them know
Can't justify control
We gotta help it flow

We are
Gonna lead the way
By correcting what we say
Gonna connect some way
We are
Prepared for what they hide
Hit 'em straight between the eyes
Now they're hypnotized
Now they're hypnotized

Yeah, that sound
They're coming around

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