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Get Real

This song is by Hockey Night and appears on the album Keep Guessin' (2005).

I feel you ripping them off of the AM.
Well take them and make me someone cool.
I see the street city lights in the distance.
I miss them. That's what we've all been through.

It's getting tougher to scrape off the sci-fi.
In the night sky, twinkle far above.
It's getting tougher to turn off the radio.
So let's lie down and just give up.

I heard the volume swell
Felt sickening, ah yeah.
I came back and felt so washed out.
But I'll sing about that.

Watching the star ships.
French kiss the cosmic lips.
They round up the losers.
Now everyone's giving in.

Fake, break in and freeze for the back talk.
When you talk, tell me what to do.
Making fantasy art from the gossip.
But that's just, that's what we're going through.

All right, we gotta give more, try and give more.

Written by:

Hockey Night

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