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Spit As An Offense

This song is by Hocico and appears on the album Sangre Hirviente (1999) and on the EP Aqui Y Ahora En El Silencio (2000).

Do you fear every moment?
Now you fear everything
You are afraid these days
'Cause I'm your living disgrace

Do you hear what I'm saying?
Now you hear all my scorn
Demons dance and laugh
Sweet feelings, revenge will come

I spit at you, you're nothing in life
Don't look at me, you're nothing in life
You're so weak, you're nothing in life
I celebrate, you're nothing in life

During years, hate's been growing
Wanna get what I do?
You can't hesitate
I'm here to break your fate

Don't dare to look at me
Don't do it anymore
Just listen to my laugh
This will end, as you thought

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