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This song is by Ho-Chi-Minh and appears on the album It Has Begun (2009).

I wonder what's
Wrong with the world today
Why some do what they want
While others have to pay

There is no respect...
Sorry there is respect
For the power, for the money
For what makes them get fat

I can't understand this kind of feeling
Step by step they grow not in high just in greed
To purchase to feel great to get fat yes they grow
But they will never see they are getting close...

So close and they know
It seems like a show
They are trying to believe
That they aren't losers


It starts to fly to get close
Can't you see the sky?
No need to run from it
It's pointless for you but not to me
Can't you see?

I reload my gun I shoot you from the front
Face to face you see the light of my colt
Can't you see right now that you are not more than me?
You are a just a piece of shit just like me

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