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This song is by Hit the Switch and appears on the album Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice (2006).

So many eyes I can't believe that no one saw a fucking thing,
And no one spoke a word of truth,
I'm the only one surprised,
What happened to a lesson learned?
Where have all the questions gone?
When I'm put on the stand I know exactly what I'll say,
I've been living life as one should,
And I've admitted I'm ashamed,
But I can't deny,
Sometimes none of this means anything to anyone but me,
'Cause I've been ridden of this strife but still,
I feel no relief,
A bit of pride mixed with some ignorance will make it hard to see,
The blind haven't a clue,
Of what they've come to be.
We've all read the stories,
History repeats itself, the numbers are growing,
When will we think for ourselves?
You gotta know that something's wrong,
And you need to want the change, then you decide