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Nishtagea Theory

This song is by Hit the Switch and appears on the album Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice (2006).

Yea eradicate predictability,
I must secure my thrown of global dominance,
They must fear my existence,
This is the wrath of opaque,
War make the cause worth fighting for,
We must never stray from this,
The death of legitimate warfare,
Fuck the geneva convention accords,
My lust for power exceeds my clemency,
No one is safe from my reach,
The fall of man, in the name of freedom,
This is your will, your destiny,
Kneel to the crown, or pay the price,
This is indulgence of sin,
We have condemned ourselves,
While others suffer,
War nothing good can come from this,
An adverse significance,
Indulge and plunder as you provoke revolution.
A day will come when your coercion wont exceed,
You've failed this world!
People you've strived to dominate will seek vengeance,
You've failed this world,
The corruption of man awakes new convictions,
You've failed this world! Indulge and plunder as you provoke revolution,
You've failed this world!

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