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Mind Rape Culture

This song is by Hit the Switch and appears on the album Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice (2006).

The children only know,
What they are told,
An irreversible content,
Keeps them from
Knowing what they should,
These little infants grow like vines among the trees,
Guided by the strength of roots,
Burrowing under the sun,
Their betting we can't do them wrong,
And ill advised of what they've done,
This goes according to their plan
To raise those upright citizens,
It's all sequential in the mind rape culture,
We take in constant medication,
Sedation in disguise,
Improvised from a makeshift
Guide, consumed products is the pill,
Modeled waste packaged for sale,
Please the kids,
It's the best for them,
The beast prey's on your fear and trust,
But promise they mean you no harm,
It's all according to their prospect for a new world order,
A warning alert to the blind plagued culture

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