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Heavenly Deception

This song is by Hit the Switch and appears on the album Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice (2006).

The murders of a million men,
Made in the name of god,
It justifies defense,
A holy war where no one wins,
So to their guns!
With loyalty and commitment,
It's the way of our dependence,
Yea we're fighting for the same choice,
The right to claim service to whatever religion,
Their grace it comes in forms of anguish,
Makes no sense to me.
Their salvation condemns them to instate, they're slaves!
Blinded by the words of faith, so to their gods!
Why let your people be slaughtered in your name?
What is your reasoning?
Brave and strong enough to fight,
And man enough to die for what you say is right,
Love, devoted to your word

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