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This song is by Hit the Switch and appears on the album Domestic Tranquility and Social Justice (2006).

Dissociation complete,
Now better is worse,
When principle is just a token,
If I should fight this,
With all my might I refuse this,
The new beginning ends when we're alone,
Left to think and wonder,
Dispensable to them,
Crucial to others,
The weight of time has turned around,
Now we're prone to reject,
What we once excepted,
Pursued at all times and again,
No more in our lives,
So let us stand our ground,
Don't leave it up to them to change,
Cause all you do is wait,
And hope within will fade.
So many nights,
So many times I wished to live like them,
Embrace my own deception,
Abandon my belief in solidarity,
To think tat I could be that satisfied,
I'd be disillusioned,
All too common made mistake,
Leads to self-consumed primitive logic,
So take your time, oh asinine

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