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The Legion That Will Never Fall

This song is by Hirilorn and appears on the album Legends of Evil and Eternal Death (1998).

Coming from the desolated lands, we were invincible
Killing, raping our enemies, dominating everyone
And every knight of this peaceful land was scared in front of us
We were hundreds of cruel barbarians, thirsty for holy blood
But one day, as we were revelling on the battlefield, we deeply felt the presence of a sacred sentinel
All went off quickly ; a thousand knights on white horses were encircling us, and they raised their swords, they were approaching us slowly, to finally launch an attack
So began the war
The battle was raging
Each camp had soon countless dead
Death does not frighten me, so I killed with bravery
But as we were losing, I saw my warriors giving up
I couldn't believe it : the fear was distorting their face... Then I screamed they must recover themselves, that they must fight with honour but it was useless
They lost their courage so their soul was already dead
I've always believed that we were the strongest ones, but I was wrong, they were so weak inside
I suddenly felt just as if I were alone
I was betrayed by my own warbrothers
I saw in their eyes their fear of eternal Death, the brave eagles have turned into insects
A true warrior never surrenders
I quickly made a decision
I decided to slay them all... I decided to slay them all
My power increased, I've never felt this before
It was as if my blood was replaced by pure hate
Thousand demons have possessed my soul, I had the feeling I was the mighty Phoenix
My vengeance has transcended my strength, even Death itself wouldn't have stopped my longing for killing
The blood on my hands... I love that
I rejoice when I take a life
The true war began : no quarter... I cut their head off and the whole battlefield became red
I was the great ruler of a chaotic genocide
Exterminated was the huge sentinel of light, their flesh left to rot
But my strong anger wasn't satisfied yet because my terrified knights were alive
So they had to pay
They once were my brothers, but then they were just sub-men
They didn't understand when I killed them one by one
But to my great surprise, three true warriors were helping me
The feeble creatures died, hate in our eyes and pain in theirs
We looked about us to savour the carnage : our evilness was fed
And we're standing there, the night is now falling
We're united in darkness
So we have decided to create our own legion
We will slaughter the weaks
With fearless knights we'll be the legion that will never fall
We are the beginning of the end
We follow the ways of Satan
We believe in the highest law
We don't care for eternal Death
Death is the supreme relief, but Life is the sweetest torture