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Through Sinister Landscapes (To The Dale Of The Dead Pt. I)

This song is by Hin Onde and appears on the album Songs Of Battle (2000).

(Music by NRQ / Lyrics by Wircki)

He wanted to prove what fathers had foreseen
What had been from the ancient writings
Interpret was more than a myth

...More than a myth [x3]

Recklessly, filled with enthusiasm
He wandered ahead with stories and sages
From childhood echoing on his mind
Unconciosly guiding him

...Stories guiding him [x3]

Eagerly he pursued ahead to make his seek complete
To get himself the mightiest weapon of all

In the denser firwood
Darkness blurring his sight
The bolts of Ukko storming up high
Horns of Tapio confusing his mind

Through sinister landscapes of Pohjola to find
A river Tuonela on whose black flood glides a swan

...A sole swan
...A sole swan
...A Soulswan

Leading to the dale of the dead.