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The Same Old Story Again And Again

This song is by Hills Have Eyes and appears on the album All Doves Have Been Killed (2009).

Are we living a dream? Are we living a lie? And should I believe in the things that you say?

Just hold my hand and lets run somewhere far to a place that doesn't matter what we have done before
So come on close your eyes and imagine that we can reach the sky
I see you, you're falling down, your hands are sweating, you feel worn
I wriggle and my heart bleeds for you

Let's put our faith in the hands of god 'couse time is running out
Yeah time is running, but where is it running to? Will the clock ever stop and freeze for us?

Listen to the heartbeat, this road is way too long, I'll keep inwards the emphasis
This is not rousing like it was, the star isn't shining anymore
Forget the lies, forget the hate, forget this start, forget this onset
It's all over