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Consider Me Gone

This song is by Hilary Mcrae.

You were wrong from the start
Cheating your way while we were apart
You took from me more than you gave
Same old story
Too little, too late

Wasted time he spent throwing it all away
The pleasure's never worth the pain

I know that you ain't gonna change
What made you think that things would stay the same?
And what will you do when you're on your own?
Won't be long
Consider me gone

Got your number, there's no doubt
How long did you think it'd take me to figure it out?
If I know one thing that's true
Won't waste another day depending on you

A million words I could write
But you'd still be wrong
Why don't we just stop holding on?
If I can't be strong
Then I'll go back to where I started from

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