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This song is by Higher Circles and appears on the album Ritual One (2002).

She glides through the crowd
Numinous, omnipotent
And here and now and then
I feel the urge

This throbbing in my groin
A torrid flush of blood flows through my veins

I must explain to her
She's the sheath and I the blade
Meant for one another
Pious and internecing

I'll touch her deeply
In a way she's never known
To open up her heart
I'm cutting in

Like no other man
I want to share her soul
Her soul
(Her soul)

A mongrel is barking
I hear him just outside
The voice of the Demon
That is my unrelenting guide

I see her in my mind
Flirting at the edge
Of fantasy and reality
She's mine

I feel the pounding
In my heart, (and) in my loins
The screams of extasy (and) pain
They're mine

She writhes beneath me
We are one
Tied up in a knot of flesh and blood

I sense her longing
Endure her pain
And in her waning gaze
Swelled and spent
My will is drained

I wear the marks