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Some Empty Heaven

This song is by Higher Circles and appears on the album Ritual One (2002).

The first time I killed
I felt whole
But feelings fade to empty hearts
Like dusk to dark

She's all I see
She makes me
To be her fate, a dying dove
I set free

Look into my eyes
Let me watch you die
Show me things I've never seen
The reason that I am alive

I've earned my place
A shallow grave

Part in shadow
Part in light
Soul in limbo
Some empty heaven

Sometimes it's hard to be so humble
Sometimes it's hard to know the truth
I can't tell the difference, anymore
Between me and God

Part in shadow
Part in light
Soul transcending
Some empty heaven

I wonder what it's all about
Am I living my life learning to die?
Am I the center of attention?
Or the punchline of some cruel joke...

Maybe it's not all so serious
Maybe it's not at all mysterious

Eat and sleep and procreate
Ashes to ashes
My only fate

Am I alone in my request
For an end to justify the means

There has to be more than this
More than some empty heaven
Something beyond this duality
More than some empty heaven
You've paid the price in pain and tears
For more than some empty heaven

(You've paid the price. In pain... and tears...)

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