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​Second Thought

This song is by Higher Circles and appears on the album Ritual One (2002).

It happens every day
The pity and the shame
Furtive whispers rust away
In a constant refrain

You think you know yourself
It's all that matters now
The world's become your jury
Give them what they want

Until the anger takes control

I guess it makes you high
To point out the flaws
That make me who I am
Are you empty inside?

It must be an addiction
That voids common sense
You know I see the same in me
And I close my eyes

Until they find out who we are

Behind my own eyes
Lurks a strange disguise
Into my heart, in my soul, in my mind
I reach into the dark
And pull the bleeding nightmare from my heart

Some people can't see beyond
(Beyond) the lies they tell themselves
Oh, I'm not the only one

Do you have a place inside
Where you secret them away
Oh, be honest with me
(Oh, be honest with me)

Who will field the questions
Who will take the floor
Who will dare to bare their neck
To the cold steel truth

It happens every day
I've learned to tune it out
I've learned to turn the other cheek
And wait for judgment day