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Samurai With A Gun

This song is by Higher Circles and appears on the album Ritual One (2002).

Flipping pages of a magazine
Flickering image on a TV screen
Like a boy in church
Trying to look up Mary's skirt
There's curiosity and revulsion
Co-mingled, like blood and water
Like blood and water

One eye fixed and one averse
And the moment's gone
Leaving an emotional sinkhole
And a shivering spine

A yellow man in a pool of red
The lifeblood pumped from the side of his head
His family and friends and the rest of the world
Live and die with the shot

And the gunman wipes his hands

Nothing is sacred here
Everything is shit
We can snuff out a life on prime time TV
Switch channels and say
"That poor son of a bitch
I'm glad it wasn't me"

That was when I changed
That was when I died

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