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The Only Reason I Need

This song is by High School Football Heroes and appears on the split album ¡Viva la Rock! (2002) by Premarital Sax and High School Football Heroes.

You can give me a stare
Like you think I care what you think of me
Enough said
And I could care less about your sympathy

I hope these bruises fade away

Envy comes as no surprise to me
Fascinated, motivated once again
It's plain to see
The arrow pointed straight between my eyes
Running circles, jumping hurdles
Trying to figure out your stupid lies

I'm better off dead
So off with my head for the best of me
I'll take a metal bat to my identity
Once and never again
Give another thought to what I wanna do
Patience never paid off
My spot is always taken I was born to lose

The last time never feels the same
"But you never heard a word that I said"

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